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Aureal999   |   3 год.
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Denon POA 3000RG - Смотри все про ремонт

Обзор DENON POA-3000RG.
Today we have a top-end machine of the early 90's the company Denon, crown POA-3000 amplifiers line
amplifier POA-3000RG, RG on the end - means belonging to the machine series Reference Gold,
which also included a preamplifier PRA-2000RG, CD radio player DCD-3500RG.
The phone weighs almost 36 kg.
According to a particular machine - front panel attenuator likely already disconnected.
At least I have not figured out how to include them. Disable attenuation plus more - maybe less than sound travels
various obstacles, the better. Resistors and switches from Denon in my experience have
special talents to acidification, despite the use of high-quality components.
It is necessary to have this in mind when shopping, but fear not - these problems are typical for any vintage vehicles.
To help you say there is not sellers, as if the machine is not looked, though he almost new out of the box,
Japanese salty climate does not spare anything.
Sound Nevertheless vintage still more than adequate for relatively little money.
And for prevention - just find a person who will do it, clean the contacts of switches,
dried container will change if any. Or you can do it yourself.
This device does not require such a prophylaxis.
POA 3000RG built on a balanced scheme with an optical control 0 DC voltage at the output, it is possible to use it in bridge mode, increasing the already serious cardinality haraktaristiki. Zero unlike sansuev deystivetelno kept stable. However recent instability with 0,
if they are within reason, do not interfere with sound great.
Another feature Denon noticed me - this amp and preamp in this series - very sensitive protection modules. Turn off the alarm immediately with a strong rustle volume control.
Design RG series of vehicles a solid, high-quality finish with polished wood. scaler indicator
closed the thick glass. It looks great, despite her age. Work arrows, in comparison with the others,
I saw turnouts of vehicles is not very fair, but very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, even at low volume, which of them actually required.
Power characteristics of shock - 400W per channel into 4 ohms in stereo, 800W in mono.
The amplifier is capable of delivering a load of 1 ohm dynamic power of 1200W per channel in stereo mode, and 1600W
in mono!
At idle or quiet sound light heating apparatus.
Sound I personally assotiate with Technics, briefly heard in the early 90s.
I want to emphasize that the top or okolotopovyh vintage Technics I have not yet had.
So it's just a associations. The sound of a classic vintage soft, but assembled, with good bass control.
It is said to be honest. If we compare with Pioneer M5 and Sansui 2301L - softly sound, especially in the supply of high.
Well suited to the acoustics of soft tweeters or acoustics, whose supply is necessary to mitigate high.
Compared with Denon, Pioneer Exclusive M5 gives a hardtop and Sansui gives a more crystal high frequences. Last thing
very well emphasized serving Diatone with their domes of boron.
By google translation.

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Denon POA 3000RG - Смотри все про ремонт