Fibreglass Hull Repair

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The Epoxy Guru - Tips & Tricks   |   2 год.
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Fibreglass Hull Repair - Смотри все про ремонт

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Bote Cote Marine Epoxy System is based on modern Technology and is much safer to use than most other Epoxies available in Australia. We often have people who are sensitive to old technology Epoxies still able to use Bote-Cote. You can read how Bote Cote is safer than other epoxies in our Information Sheet titled Hypersensitivity to Epoxy.

BOTE- COTE is an easy to use 2:1 mixing ratio, which is a low toxic formulation free of amine blush under all climatic conditions.
BOTE-COTE is solvent free and therefore non-flammable
BOTE- COTE is easily removed from the skin with citrus based hand cleaner or white vinegar.
BOTE- COTE Marine Epoxy System preserves timbers natural beauty and warmth, vastly reducing a wooden boats maintenance requirements. In fact a modern wood/ epoxy composite boat requires no more maintenance than a fiberglass boat.
BOTE- COTE even has a non-yellowing UV retarding formulation used to enhance clear exterior finishes and seals the timber making it waterproof.
BOTE-COTE Marine Epoxy Resin is available with four hardeners to handle all climatic conditions and user requirements:

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Hypersensitivity to Epoxy:

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Fibreglass Hull Repair - Смотри все про ремонт