DIY Wall Mounted Dream Desk

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DIY Wall Mounted Dream Desk - Смотри все про ремонт

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Today's episode, I'll show you how I made this Wall mounted dream desk. It's packed with all sorts of goods. I have integrated a drink holder, an outlet with 2 USB ports, LED on the back panel, and wireless charging. Plan for the desk is here you can also see the written version here

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About the Projects:

---------------------------Materials Used-------------------
(1) Sheet of 3/4in plywood
(1) 8ft 1 by 3 Select Pine
(2) 6' 1 by 2 Pine Board
Black Wood contact paper:
Marble contact paper
Smoothing tool
Desk grommet
Wireless Charger
Cup holder
Wood Glue
(18) 1 1/4 Wood Screw
(5) 1/4 -T-nuts
(5) 2in 1/4 bolts

---------------------------- Tools Used----------------------
Edge track Circular Saw
Drill and Driver
Table Saw
Nail Gun
Heat Gun

----------------Camera and recording equipment I use -------
Camera - Nikon D5500 -
Mic to record to computer -
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

Wall Mounted Dream Desk With LED & Wireless Charging

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DIY Wall Mounted Dream Desk - Смотри все про ремонт